Salesforce Community  Community  Community  Communities Development

Build customized communities to engage with customers, employees and partners at a single place. Salesforce Community Cloud is a social platform which facilitates connection and contact between customers, employees and partners to form a community and share data.

Why Salesforce Community Cloud-Salesforce Communities Development?

Connect with important people for your business with Community Cloud (Salesforce Experience Cloud).

Provide better customer service:

People in community help each other by solving queries and issues which saves time of service agents hence service agents can focus on more complex issues

Make the purchasing decision easier for customer by providing support and access to data.

Give voice to your customer with community cloud. A single place for the customer to get all the information of your products and services.

 Improve Employee Productivity:

Reaching out to customers and solving complex issues is easy in community.

Build Communities to fit into your business ecosystem:

The ecosystem consists of suppliers, vendors, agencies, job applicants as well as retail location. Same ecosystem can be built in community for interaction.

Bring Partners into Business Processes in New Ways :

Bringing employees, seller, retailers and business partners under one umbrella helps in simplifying communications and closing deal, Research and Development time is saved.

Why Choose Community Cloud Service from CloudSharks?

Create peer-to-peer connections with employees, retailers and partners without third party interference.

 Add eCommerce Options: Turn forums into a market by adding buying and selling options to the community cloud. Connect online commerce with online communities

Use communities for new ideas:

When a connection is built and people from different background gather at a single place, working on ideas becomes easy because of expertise community holds.

Management of Partners: Collaboration becomes easy when all partners are brought under one umbrella. Partners can voluntarily share their expertise for a topic or issue.

Empower Customers: Customers can find solutions for complex issues by themselves and with the help of peers in community sharing same interest.

Our Salesforce Community Cloud Services

Build custom communities and access information anywhere anytime with our Community Cloud Services.

Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime:

Access cloud services anywhere, anytime with the help of Salesforce Mobil app and Web Console.

Build and Deploy faster with Lightning Bolt:

Optimize communities and portals for mobile audience using lightning bolt. This can be aligned with business processes in lightning fast way.

Enhance Your Brand and Customer Experience:

Create customized experience for your community with the help of community builder, design looks and feel based on your brand guidelines and concept.


Share relevant content based on recommendations from our analysis to different types of communities.

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