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Why Opt For Salesforce Financial Services?

Wealth Management

Utilize dashboards and custom reports to view financial balances at the individual and household level, and automate financial management using portfolio management tools.

Guided loan Application:

Provide consumers with a smooth loan application procedure by directing them through step-by-step instructions and making suggestions to collect necessary data during the registration process.

Personalized services & Marketing

Utilize artificial intelligence to forecast future events, identify proactive next steps for predictive assistance, and suggestions of clients.

KYC Management

Automate Know-Your-Customer (KYC) by digitizing and streamlining the on boarding process instead of manually collecting and verifying documents.

Opportunity Management

Get better visibility into your opportunities and get comprehensive understanding of the assets that are handled and being held away, and monitor referrals to turn your customers into an active referral network.

Customer Lifecycle Management

 Simplify the on boarding process by gathering client information personalize their lifecycle management and examine their spending or saving habits.

Our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Services

Dashboard KPI’s from customer Data

Acquire more customers, get flexible perspectives of customer data, make sure teams work efficiently and act on real-time insights.

Replenish Pipelines, Sell Smarter

 Find, accelerate, and close more opportunities, remove guessing by using AI to obtain real-time insights, reporting, and forecasts.

Automate Documentation, appointments

Digitize corporate processes while adhering to regulatory requirements and get rid of any inefficiency caused by paper-based records

Use intelligent insights for Efficiency

Get valuable insights at your fingertips so that everyone, from consultants to bank staff, can concentrate on what is more crucial for the company.

Business Growth with Digital Banking 

Satisfy customers’ increasing needs by digitally integrating all of your financial institution’s engagements with complete client visibility.

Integrate to external systems

Integrate external systems like CRMs, ERPs and Lendio to process financial loans and data.

Automate Update messages:

Build relationships using insights and automated personalized messages based on customer’s financial insights.

Connect Marketing Operations

Promote relevant financial options such as retail loans, credit cards, and investments by integrating financial systems with Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

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