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Provide streamlined online checkout and purchasing experiences. Encourage flash sales for occasions and the introduction of new products. 

Provide streamlined online checkout and purchasing experiences. Encourage flash sales for occasions and the introduction of new products.

Keep up with emerging e-commerce trends and get noticed with

Create Personalized Journeys

Help with intelligent advice, add-ons to past purchases, and suggestions to boost customer engagement

Simplify Order Management

Utilize order tracking tools to improve supply, refunds, replacements, and cancellations while enhancing order processing, fulfilment, and deliveries globally

Enhance Product Discovery

Enhanced product categorization and upfront provision of critical product information will enhance search and discovery from the search bar and make life simpler to navigate through the product listings.

Promote Seasonal sales, New Products

Create a unique homepage display to advertise high-profile occasions like holiday sales, promotional offers, discounts, and the launch of new products from suppliers. Combine this with email alerts.

Build full-fledged eCommerce with Salesforce

Fine Tune Cart Checkout

Allow admins full power to avoid unauthorised price fluctuations by managing carts, wallets, and automatically personalising product pricing and coupons.

Launch Seasonal Sales Easily

Use contact and user data to segment accounts Allow for flash sales without problems or expensive disruptions, compute and present exceptional discounts Acceptable bid.

Manage product placement, listing

Create effective product listings, presentations, and catalogues, arrange goods by category, include optional products, and plan sophisticated campaigns and promotions.

Internationalize Business

Operate numerous stores using a single backend platform that supports order processing for different brands, languages, and currencies, complicated billing, localised shipping, and taxation.

Reduce Cart Anxiety, Cart Abandonment

Reduce barriers to checkout, automatically send alerts when consumers leave without paying, and encourage them to finish the transaction.

Payment Gateway Integration

Implement various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and others, for transactions to be processed through secure gateways with the appropriate mode.

Reminders, Alerts, Confirmations

Send clients order placing and arrival ETA reminders and verification via WhatsApp, SMS, Voicemail, and other channels.

Integrate with popular eCommerce platforms

Integrating to a platform with wider audience range like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay will provide increase in product reach.

Synchrinize commerce, Aviod churn 75% of customer never return after a bad shopping experience Improve search, purchase journey

Product Bundles, Filters

Provide buyer a seamless search by filtering category like price, discount, brand and some different parameters.

Calculate Shipping, Tax

Provide customer to select delivery and tax rates between numbers of dispatching locations.

Personalize Suggestions

Observed purchase behaviour to creating buyer personas, by organizing promotions and running Google Ads.

Configure Products

Let customer to go through product and arrange them with unique quality and several variants.

After Sales RMA

Ensure constant platform use, inspire buyer confidence, and enable multichannel dissatisfaction resolution.

Find similar audiences

Push pertinent specific products using latent insights from Einstein Analytics.

Perview Totals

Providing extra payment alternatives and a preview of the checkout totals will encourage customers to buy.

E-Commerce Service and Support on the Service Cloud

Collect and prioritize Tickets

Expanded instance about Service Cloud, shipping deliveries, intention for update tickets and response on collection.

Customer Self Services

Minimizing service expenses, displaying order statuses, enabling chatbots, scheduling refunds and replacements, and monitoring reviews.

Route Cases to Teams

Utilize directed service for various product kinds and knowledge bases to allocate issues and settle complaints more quickly.

E-Commerce Logic and Intelligence

Inventory and suppliers

Organizing, Recording and exchanging stock automatically form numerous suppliers.

Analyze Sales Trends

Recognizing the product which does well at flash sales to collaborate with appropriate providers.

Analyze Affiliate traffic

Collaborate for co-marketing and promo codes by identifying the platforms and campaigns that attract the most customers.

Measure Interest

By gathering the purchase history and wishlist information to sum up behaviour of the consumer to measuring Interest.

Dashboard Analytics

By connecting distribution network with consumer behaviours, you can plan and forecast the upcoming sales cycle.

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