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Benefits of Salesforce Education Cloud

Stay connected with existing supporters

Increase productivity and efficiency

Meet recruitment and admission goals

Enhance the collaboration of student, staff and faculty

Track progress and generate reports with dashboard

Boost alumni engagement, including career mentorship

Boost engagement by integrating live chat.

Find and help students searching for opportunities

Why Salesforce Community Cloud-Salesforce Communities Development?

Connect with important people for your business with Community Cloud (Salesforce Experience Cloud).

Recruitment and Admission:

Simplify manual process such as admission, enrollments, recruiting and on-boarding by creating workflows.

Drive Student Success:

Form student communities within institutions for student welfare and easier access to study material.

Maximize Alumni Lifetime Value:

Build and maintain long lasting relationships with alumni for fundraising and awareness.

Learning Management Solution:

Access and provide educational as well as career oriented services to students from anywhere, anytime

Build Connected Student Experiences:

Improve social media interactions for students by providing personalized content.

Campus Collaboration:

Communities help in bringing knowledge and expertise of staff and students at a single place and easily accessible.

Let the CloudSharks team guide you on creating the ultimate peer-to-peer student experience with Salesforce Education Cloud.

Our teams of Salesforce Education Cloud can help you understand how Education Cloud services can be used in distinct ways to empower K-12 schools and districts of different areas to engage key constituents and drive student success.

The Expert Team at Cloud Shark can help schools, colleges, academies and institutions reap maximum benefits from Education Data Architecture provided by Education Cloud.

This Education Data Architecture is built with intuitive tools, strategies, processes and methodologies that will help educational institutions optimize their Salesforce Environment and complete their goals.

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