An award-winning business strategist with 10+ years in the Cloud Computing ecosystem.

Moiz believes CloudSharks is the singularity of visions that focuses on providing the best digital transformation solution to its customers.

Moiz is a former Account Manager and Head of Account Manager at SMS Magic and 360 SMS App respectively, he spent significant time in building practices, systems, people, revenue, and culture from scratch along with handling a multi-million dollar account portfolio.

Moiz has also worked with and been mentored by Steve Roch from Bolder CRM  in 360 SMS and SMS Magic. Steve is a veteran Salesforce Admin and an SMS expert who has spent time at major SMS App companies like SMS Magic, SMS Mogli, and 360SMS App where he influenced their product development, sales, and implementations which increased their bottom line significantly.

Steve is also the inventor of the famous Conga Grid that he sold to Conga.

Moiz’s experience, alliance, and team enable CloudSharks to bring the best Salesforce practice and solution that is required in the era of plug-ins, free trials, click-and-type configuration, Do-It-Yourself, demo candies, and the post-sales struggle of a Salesforce user who is relying on multiple AppExchange products to achieve the desired CRM.

Moiz comes from the background of managing and forming teams of business guys who have worked as a business analyst, account managers, Account executives, and project managers with the sole responsibility of making the customer’s projects successful across Industries like Real Estate Investment, Mortgage, Financial services, Professional services, health care, recruitment, education, non-profit, etcetera.

Though we all believe in certifications and credentials, however, Moiz pride’s more on CloudSharks Industry understanding than on the certifications we hold. 

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