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Our Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud Consulting Solutions

Empower your business with the smart automation of Pardot. Increase Sales Revenue and Marketing Effectiveness.

Prospect Tracking

Pardot is equipped with list building automation, it uses powerful insights to enlist the number of people who show interest in your business/services.

Lead Nurturing

We help you in building a funnel across markets to increase interest level of your leads.

Lead Grading and Scoring

We analyze customer data and provide insights to prioritize your leads based on their level of interest.

Advanced Email Marketing

We have customizable email templates you can use to send eye-catching mails.  

Closed-loop Reporting

Track your leads generated and marketing ROI with our analytics and create reports easily.

Forms and Landing Pages

Create customized landing pages and forms as per your need and prospects interest using templates.

Community Cloud Einstein

Identify, embrace, and utilize the best of Salesforce Communities to create and nurture brand awareness, customer engagement, brand authority, and more. Provide personalized newsfeeds to users and get on top of automated escalation while delivering more predictive and personalized consumer experiences.

IoT Cloud Einstein

Our Salesforce IoT Cloud Einstein solutions help you seamlessly and effortlessly manage devices across a wide range of platforms and channels. Stay connected with your target audience in countless ways and provide them the opportunity to interact more and productively with your brand.

Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein

Improve the performance and productivity of your service teams within quick time. Our certified Service Cloud Einstein professionals help your service team redefine its customer retention and customer engagement strategies. CloudShark’s Service Cloud Einstein specialists are always there for your business.

Einstein Analytics

Explore the innumerable advantages of a powerful cloud-based platform that provides interactive data views through easy-to-use dashboards. Extract and transform Salesforce and external data. Customize applications to streamline every line of your business. Tailor exploratory analysis of your data and access it via any device from anywhere anytime.

Commerce Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein solutions offered by CloudShark help your business by empowering it to provide store planning and product recommendations to your customers. An excellent tool to enhance your cross-sells and upsells, the Commerce Cloud Einstein helps your business grow beyond limits. Harness the real potential and capabilities of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein now.

Einstein Discovery

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud Consultants at CloudShark help you identify, customize, and implement Einstein Discovery based on the processes and requirements of your success-driven business. Our data science teams implement Salesforce Einstein Discovery for your business so it can reap the advantages of actionable predictions and insights

Sales Cloud Einstein

CloudShark’s certified Salesforce Cloud Einstein professionals help your sales team close more deals faster and efficiently. We help you identify top leads that are most likely to close, forecast deals with the greatest risk of loss, and perform accurate predictions of sales revenue. Transform customer data into closed deals now with CloudSharks

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