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Our data connection across Sales, Marketing, Service and Commerce derives an error free and personalised buyer experience that helps you track every part of the journey for each customer. Transform your business with the best Salesforce Sales Cloud integrator.
Have Real time view of the meaningful Sales Cloud data on your fingertips with Salesforce Mobile App. Authorize customer companies to sell, service and market to their customers anywhere.
Capitalize on crucial information such as Lead life cycle, meeting gaps and activities. Get the best of Sales cloud with certified Sales Cloud Integrators.
Automate painful, monotonous administrative task so that your team can focus on Sales and not its operations. Elect the best Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation services by partnering with CloudSharks

Our Skip Trace Services

Skip Trace

The definition and meaning of “skip tracing” in real estate is searching for contact and other information about a property’s owner.

Skip Trace

For example, you know the address of a property you want to buy. You enter it in a skip tracing tool.

Skip Trace

The tool shows you the owner’s contact information and other helpful data such as liens or mortgage details.

Skip Trace

You can also look people up based on information other than their property’s address. Cloudsharks Skip tracking plug in get the required property owner data right into your Salesforce.

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