Yash Malik is a Data scientist from the University of Bath, UK. Yash started his career in Salesforce and has spent significant time in the capacity of Administrator and product consultant.

He is a former Sales and Account manager at SMS Magic and 360 SMS and has also worked as a technical consultant at Bolder CRM.

Yash was one of the most technically articulate of the many salespeople at SMS Magic.  At Bolder CRM Yash was a  technical consultant because his strong technical background combined with his customer service skills make him an ideal business analyst to translate the needs of customers into solutions. In his technical capacity, Yash was like a sponge in learning the large variety of consulting projects that Bolder CRM worked on. 

At 360 SMS Yash was managing category-A customers who were using the 360 SMS App and several other Salesforce products. He was also directly project managing several Salesforce development, implementation, customization, and integration long-term projects for high-value customers.

Yash comes with a unique blend of technical and business understanding of Cloud computing which makes him successful in quickly understanding the customer business to align the right technical solution. Yash can handle both the rapid pace and the demanding customers that the market has with both technical skills and customer service poise. 

Yash has also built a student performance improvement platform at the University of Bath using SQL, Pandas, and Matplotlib. The system fetches data from CMS and converts it into meaningful indicators that give precise direction on the content delivery as per the student performance data. The proprietary algorithms drastically reduce the time it takes to analyze, conclude and design the PIP for students on different performance categories. 

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