Top 5 things to consider for SMS and CTI App on LeftMain REI.

We all know Power dialing is the most important feature on LeftMain system and every salesperson loves to dial out of their personal list view when working on seller leads.

 Trying to get all those pieces working together with different support team of different apps is a nightmare when you need to test and try drips sequences, power dialing from list-views, dashboard, SMS, RVM along with figuring out basics of Salesforce.

CloudSharks have been helping Real Estate Investors who are on different situations with their LeftMain system. It doesn’t matter if you are moving away from SMRT phone, evaluating Dialpad, trying to figure out power dialing, setting up SMS integration with something outside Salesforce, or using the 360 SMS/CTI REI package for Salesforce. 

Here are the top 5 reasons and questions you need to consider in your CTI and SMS app on  LeftMain REI

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